Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok, here we go.

#1) you have a 15 year old teenager. You love her, after all, she is your child. You have lived together for over 15 years now and only want the best for her.

#2) although an ALIEN has taken over your teenagers brain and she talks to you like your STUPID and know nothing, you find a way to ignore it. After all, you know someday the ALIEN will be gone and you'll have your child back.

#3) even though your child has been taught organization and cleanliness, her room looks like a War Zone. No wonder she NEVER has anything to wear. It's all over the floor. O'yea, I've been looking for that cup. Why does she have all these dishes in her room?

#4)now your teen has a "boyfriend" HOLY CRAP!

Will she remember all those talks we had about "you know what"? Did she listen? Has the ALIEN brain washed her to believe otherwise? I have been pondering these questions ever since I met him "the boyfriend". I really don't have anything to worry about, right? She has always been a good girl. She has never gotten into trouble, except for the attitude occasionally. So why do I find myself worrying all time over this? Is it natural to worry so much?
She turns 16 in two months. I should have said "18" was the dating age. I didn't think 16 would come so darn FAST. If I could only give her a poison apple until prince charming comes along to wake her. (The prince charming I choose)

I suppose I did sign up for this when I decided to get pregnant. There is nothing I can do to change the situation. I just have to DEAL WITH IT.

After all, it's just a boyfriend. As long as I go with them on the dates and call all her friends mom's to verify she IS spending the night. Everything will work out fine. Right? It sounds time consuming and over reactive but she is my ONLY daughter. Oh, if only she could be MY LITTLE GIRL AGAIN.


Monika said...

I am dreading the day . . .
I know you love to read and I am a huge fam of Love and Logic. There is one titled "Love and Logic for teens." Maybe you might check it out? I think you'd like it!

Monika said...

I meant FAN, not fam!