Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zachary's Crush

A few months back Zachary was writing a note at the kitchen table. He asks me how to spell "I like you". So when he is done with the note I take a peak and see "To Vienna". I'm thinking to myself that he is only in Kindergarden...way to early to have a crush. So the next time I'm volunteering in Zachary's class I try and find this "Vienna". OMG she is adorable. Long brown hair and has lots of freckles. To this day I still hear him talk about Vienna. Just the other day I heard him ask his best friend Caleb if Vienna was at his church. Caleb replied "yes, why do you want to know?" Of course Zachary changed the subject quickly.

Update on "Zachary's Crush":

I was in Zach's classroom today and snapped a picture of Vienna.

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