Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Funny Story

I have to tell a funny story about my son Kevin. Last week my daughter had a guy friend (Andrew) over to visit. Kevin, of course, was hanging out with them. Later he comes into the house and ask if Andrew can spend the night. Not wanting to go into a deep discussion on why the answer is NO, I just say "not tonight, it's a school night". Well as we are taking Andrew home, I overhear Kevin in the back seat say "I don't think my mom likes you". I'm, of course, stunned by this and wonder where the heck he got such an idea. So, before I can say anything I hear Kevin say "because she won't let you spend the night". After all of us stop laughing hysterically, Andrew (bless him) explains that boys and girls don't do "sleep overs" when they are teenagers.

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