Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Project...

While the hubby was away this weekend, the kids and I decided to play.

Kevin received the Lego Trade Federation from Santa last year. He tried piecing it together but eventually gave up.

Well, after 8 months of sitting on it, we decided to tackle it this we

I helped a little. I found the pieces while Kevin put it together.

Here is the finished ship. It took us two days and a few McFlurry's from McDonald's to complete it.

Zachary helped as much as he could. He put together his own battle ground so that they could fight against each other. How thoughtful for Zachary to wait until Kevin was done with his ship before he started war.

Why can't this kid take a normal picture anymore?

Here are a few more Lego sets that Kevin completed this summer.

1 comment:

Ryan Gibson said...

Sounds like quality family time.

I have a hard time believing that Zack waited until the enemy was ready before starting his attack :)