Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Mishaps...

Zachary was swimming in his birthday suit and decided to sit down on a penny that had been in the 110 degree sun all day. Well, he has a nice little tattoo of Abe Lincoln on his rear now. Maybe next time he'll take some time to put on a swimming suit.

Also Kevin's been tagged.

By this:

He didn't feel the sting because he panicked an
d went into a tizzy. We just followed protocol and called poison control. We were told to apply a cold cloth on the area and give him Motrin for the pain. He was over it in about 30 minutes.

Although I've lived in Arizona most of my life I have never seen a scorpion until we moved into our new house. Once we moved in we found 11 around the house. After sealing the house and spraying chemical warfare we thought we had taken care of them. Bataboom, batabang! We found out th
is afternoon that we DIDN'T get rid of them. Well, now that my child has been stung, this is WAR. We have increased our arsenal and adopted this:

Cats are immune to scorpions and can smell them miles away. Everyone says to get rid of scorpions get a cat or a chicken. We're allergic to chickens so we went with a cat. ;-)

We haven't decided on a name for her although The Terminator sounds fitting. We wanted to know her a little better before we n
amed her. So far we have tried Precious, Gorgeous, Kitty, Beatle Juice and Frank but none of those seem to work. We adopted her from Petsmart with the name Wannahey. Not sure what that means but better change it to be safe.

I'm sure you're wondering how the dogs are liking the new family member.

So far Rusty is AFRAID of her, Lucy wants to PLAY with her and Cass wants to EAT her. We'll keep you updated on that crisis.


Ryan Gibson said...

You should name the kitten "Asesino negro de EscorpiĆ³n" or Asesino for short.

If you're going to send her on mission, she deserves the proper name!


Cheryl said...

Oh wow! El Negro is quite the cat!We would be in trouble since I am allergic to cats! Good luck and I love those mishaps.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat! Ok if I can make a name suggestion, since everyone else has. "La Bonita Gato" which means "The Beautiful Cat". I love her already and I can't wait to meet her. Mom

Berry Family said...

Mom-I love that name La Bonita Gato. She is definitely a beautiful cat.

Cheryl-If you have scorpions and you are allergic to cats, I would suggest adopting chickens. I'm sure the mess would be worth getting rid of the scorpions! ;-)

Ryan-Like your name suggestion as well. Except it sounds too much like Ass.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Well, how cute she is. Those kitties are great little hunters, so hopefully your scorpian problem will be taken care of.


Marcy said...

Oh my goodness I think I would die if I saw a scorpion let alone got stung by one. Love the kitty and the picture of the dogs...too cute!

Rue said...

My mom said that she has seen one scorpion after they put in her pool and it was see-through and really tiny. I refuse to walk around in her house without the light on... yikes! Not a fan of the scorpian LOL