Monday, June 16, 2008

Imperfectly Beautiful!

The Nesting Place is having a imperfect blog party. Did someone say PARTY? Okay, I'm in. Here is my imperfectly beautiful space, the play room and/or fun room. It's where we watch movies, play video games and recently played Scene It. I know what needs to be done to this space but it requires knocking out a wall. So it's going to stay for awhile.

Here is a great example of imperfectly beautiful! I just snapped this pic of Zachary combing his hair and then checking it out. That is a beautiful hair-do little man!

Last but not least is my bed. I hate to admit I'm "one of those that make their bed everyday" people. But lately it does me NO GOOD. Pesky little creatures.

I feel relieved now that I've shared my imperfectly beautiful spaces. Good idea Nesting Place!


The Nester said...


why do the male species need so many wires?

and love the lego post too!

Anonymous said...

Love the perfect little guy combs his hair the same exact way!! I snuck over here from The Nester, hope you don't mind. I just have to say that I LOVE your bedding....would you mind sharing where you purchased it (your dogs are so darn cute too!!).


Berry Family said...


The bedding is from my favorite place, Costco. I bought it about a year ago. Thanks for the nice comment!

Brandee :)

Susie Harris said...

Im lovin' those furry babies! Im doing a post on mine tommorow. He was so cute today! Nice to meet you, Susie h

Rachel said...

ahh. Love the computer cords...a familiar sighting in my home tooo

Katy said...

Ahahahaha!!! That is too funny about your bed!!! Those dogs crack me up!!! ROFL!!! :)

Mrs. B said...

That picture of your son is so funny! I make my bed everyday too, but this morning, it's covered in muddy paw prints! I'm glad I'm not the only one whose fur babies get up on the bed!

Trish said...

Followed you from Nester. I'm glad someone else has wire issues. Our entertainment/play area looks like we're wiring a bomb.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Thanks so much for your great comments!! A simple skirt around the bottom would be great- easy to do with staple gun or some sticky velcro!! Another idea could be to make an easy screen out of left over shutters- simply cut (or if you need help with it, your local home-improvement store will cut them down too! Many window places will have miscuts you can get for almost nothing, and you can find them at thrift stores too-just a couple ideas!!

kari & kijsa

Kari & Kijsa said...

If you want to post this to our readers as well- just shoot us any photo, and we can offer some more suggestions, and then readers come up with other great creative solutions!! Just a thought! just e-mail and let us know!

kari & kijsa