Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend 4 wheelin'

My brother has a passion for four wheeling with his jeep. He even owns a jeep trail business on the side called AZTRAILWAYS.COM. Last weekend he took us on a trip through Martinez Canyon, located in Florence Junction, AZ. We decided to rent a Rhino to go along (carries more people) instead of quads.

My daughter got to drive mostly. She WASN'T afraid of the huge boulders we would have to drive over. I've got to give her credit. At one point I tried to drive and couldn't handle it. I gave the wheel back to her.

It was a scenic drive complete with rustic old cabins and an abandoned mine.

I love this picture of the old cabin. Although this house was in the middle of NOWHERE, the lady of the house took time and effort to decorate.

Here it looks as though they were trying out different paint colors on the wall.

After flash floods came through the canyon, the family decided to leave along with their baby.

It was interesting seeing the mine, which still had generators, conveyor belts and mining equipment.

Here is a video of the trip.

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